A little extra seasoning for extraordinary serving

Chicken, beef, fish, noodle, everything. Main ingredients are “stars” , but those would be nothing without seasoning.

Ingredients and Spices

Tasty dishes are formulated by remarkable ingredients We create ingredients from fresh spices. All of the wonderful spices are professionally manufactured.

Jelly Powder

When it’s jolly moment, it’s jelly time.

No one can resist a delicate pudding,a chewy jelly for the precious relaxing time or fabulous dessert that are made from jelly powder.


World would always be colorful if we can
taste various flavors Sweet, savory,
sour, salty, we own any favorite flavors
to perfect every dish.


Welcome to Island Sun Indonesia, where the most tasteful ingredients come from

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Used for instant noodle and various type of snack manufacturers, as well as many other food applications (meat,soup, snacks )

Ingredients & Spices

With many varieties of food ingredients and spices are professionally manufac-tured.

Jelly Powder

Used for water Jelly Dessert, Pudding Jelly, Jelly Stick,Jelly Drink and Instant Jelly Powder manufacturers


Used for confectionary, beverages, Bakeries, and Dairy product manufacturers

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What We Have

Processing food with care, inside and out We don’t only serve FMCG Companies with top ingredients, but also supply food processing and packaging machinery for completing their products.
Being the important part of food manufacturing process, we have been trusted by these following companies as their sole agent and distributor.